What's an Insight?

Many "things" might be obvious to the naked eye or the layman. (For example, it may be easy to see that a particular process simply does not work). The understanding of these "things" is where it gets cloudy.

It is more than data analysis.

There is a common misconception that an Insight may be achieved solely by collecting data. It is believed that somehow, this data will magically provide the solution to the problem. False.

It is precise and specific.

Think GPS-coordinates. Insights are even more precise. They solve deep-rooted problems that result in solutions intended to propel users beyond their goals.

INVESMITH Insights employ a unique approach inline with our core belief that "Time is the most valuable investment." Time should be treated as precious as it is. A key foundation to efficiency is that all parts serve their intended role. This is why we do what we do.